About me

Emiliano Castro Vizcarra

A director who stands out for his versatility, direction of actors, and great touch of humor. Starting at a very young age and venturing into fields that have given him his special touch.

At the age of 18, he directed his first music video, which reached the top spot on MTV Latin America. Since then, he has directed music videos for various artists such as Cristian Castro, Ha*Ash, Alex Ubago, CNCO, Rio Roma, Tren a Marte, Nikki Clan, Moenia, and many more.

His first short film called “2042” won 9 Crystal Screens, including Best Director, Screenplay, and Best Production. He has received nominations and awards at international festivals such as Cannes (short film corner), New York, San Diego Film Festival, Morelia, Alicante, GIFF, Hong Kong, Short Short Mexico, RMUFF, HKIFF, among others.

He directed 28 episodes in TV series for Disney/ESPN starring Julio Bracho.

For a long time, he was in charge of directing multiple campaigns for ESPN, including “This is sport center,” “Mi Futbol Mexicano,” and “Una cosas es Futbol.”

Likewise, he has won international awards for directing commercials for brands such as Nescafé, Google, Comex, Fiat, Samsung, Burger King, KFC, Dos Equis, New York Life, NBA, Red Sox, Suns, Victoria, Nike, Quaker State, BMW, Cinepolis, Grupo Modelo, etc. He stands out for his specialization in directing actors, adding his humorous touch to emotionally engaging stories.

This experience in music video production, TV series, television, advertising, and short films has led him to establish an original and creative approach.

Currently, he is working on his feature film.